The well attended evening opening with Lorraine Hutley, founder and partner, explaining how the business has developed since the 2011 launch. Lorraine thanked the Landlords for attending and went over the agenda for the evening.

David Hutley, Honey Lettings
A Brief History
(of the lettings fee ban ), supported with PowerPoint slides

David charted out the recent history leading up to the ban. The move from social housing to private rental. The sell-off of social housing under the “Right to buy” scheme and the balancing growth of the Buy-To-Let market. David explained how the government used tax to slow down the Buy-To-Let market. The rise in rental pricing, particularly in London, giving rise to protests. The Government, keen not to upset the ever-increasing number of young tenants, listened and as a result ban tenant fees.

Nicky Simmonds, NS Inventory Services, discussing inventory processes

Nicky explained the importance of an accurate inventory and how this can be seen as independent supporting evidence of any claim.

Joanne Colwell, Wise & Co Accountants
Tax Tips for Residential Landlords
, supported with PowerPoint slides

Joanne discussed the allowable deductions for Residential Landlords. Discussing deductions at the purchase, rental and sale of a property. Joanne explained how the recent changes reflect on earnings for Landlords and in particular mortgage interest tax relief.

Darrel Kwong, DWK Consultancy,
Legal Update 2019 Honey Lettings
, supported with PowerPoint slides

Discussing the legal bear traps of the Residential Lettings Market Darrel raised a few recent legal cases. The importance of complying with the letter of the law and the consequences of even the smallest errors. Darrel discussed that sections tenancies agreement would not be enforceable if infringed statutory laws. Darrel highlighted the importance of being able to support any claim with evidence, including those against you. The discussion ended with possible future changes to the laws relating to Residential Lettings.

David Hutley, Honey Lettings
New Landlord Fees
, supported with PowerPoint slides

Initial going through industry changes including Zero Deposits Schemes and Holding Deposits. David then proceeded to present changes to Honey Lettings fees to Landlords.